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The reviews speak for themselves. My fiance and I went on this tour with Peter as our guide in September. We were picked up downtown and given a free little tour as we headed to pick up another couple. Everything is very well put together and made easy for the consumer. Peter does an amazing job with all aspects of his business. Peter is extremely knowledgable and sociable. I would recommend this trip to everyone. The Indian Arm is very calm and scenic. Very nice properties that bring up conversation with always something to look at. Anyone and everyone should enjoy a day on the water with Peter if they can! Plus Peter is always the best chef on the island that lunch is served. If I go back to Vancouver I will do this again! - Ross C

On 1 August 2013, my husband and I spent a wonderful day kayaking at Indian Arm with Peter. We were picked up from our hotel in Downtown Vancouver at around 9:00 a.m., followed by another newly wedded couple at another hotel downtown. After that we were heading to Indian Arm, a protected ocean inlet that is Canada's southernmost glacial fjord.

Our drive took around 40 minutes, we drove pass Stanley Park, Lions Gate Bridge, Trans Canada Highway, and finally along a narrow, winding round through mostly uninhabited rain forest to the shores of Indian Arm. 

After we parked, we unloaded the kayaks and the stuffs for preparing our BBQ lunch, and headed towards the dock. My husband and I were neophytes, Peter is a great teacher. He showed us some basic techniques and then we set off for our kayat advanture. We saw purple starfish, sunflower starfish, seal, eagle, jellyfish, mussel and etc. We also find an abundant quantityand finally reached Indian Arm. of scophyllum nodosum (a kind of seaweed) along the rocky shores. Peter told us that this seaweed is rich in cllagen and harvested for commercial use.

Our lunch destination was a small, uninhabited island with great views of the inlet. On our lunch menu was yummy salad with crackers as appetizer, beautiful grilled salad steak as main course, potato salad and BBQ corn cob as site dish, ice lemon tea as drink, whip cream fresh strawberry as dessert and a wonderful scenery as entertainment.

After lunch, we walked around the woods for a little while, then we packed up and started paddled back to the dock where we had started off. After loading the kayaks and everything on to the vehicle, we were transferred to our hotel. 

This adventure really exceeded my expectations and I highly recommended to everyone who visited Vancouver B.C. Peter is very professional and he knows every details about this place. In this tour, my husband and I learned how to kayak, characteristics of temperate rainforeset, marine life in Indian Arm, history of Stanley Park, most updated real estate information in Vancouver and a lot more.

Thanks so much to Peter and Lotus Land Tour. - Suzanalr

I work at a hotel and my boyfriend and I went on this trip to familiarize myself on the tour to recommend to guests. It went above and beyond what I thought. The tour guide is very knowledgeable and funny, great narration throughout the whole trip. Then came the kayaking, he instructed me well, beautiful scenery, wildlife and homes. Very yummy lunch, homemade salsa and potato salad, and fresh salmon and corn on the cob with berries and whip cream. Great tour, would do it again and again! - Kimberley L

Having not been in a kayak for more than 40 years, kayaking in the Indian Arm was certainly a different sort of adventure for me, but Peter is an excellent guide and instructor, and the camaraderie of the three pairs of kayakers on the expedition we took on September 1st of this year was instantaneous. Perfect weather for kayaking, and the amazing natural beauty of the Indian Arm complemented the experience. I will say, however, that one should expect the day to be a vigorous one - kayaking does take some effort, though under Peter's expert tutelage, neophytes can certainly enjoy it.- MinisterOfCulture

I went as a solo on a kayaking trip with Peter and his family. Everyone was so lovely. I enjoyed the trip immensely. The Indian Arm is beautiful and I saw the mountains in the distance as well as numerous harbor seals and purple sea stars, which were beautiful. The kayaks were well maintained and I felt very safe on the trip. The lunch was also very good and had a nice view of the surrounding area. You get several hours on the water as well as lunch, so it's also a very good value for the cost of the trip. Peter is also a very nice and knowledgeable guide, I would highly recommend his tour company. - Alex

Lotus Land Tours offers excellent customer service starting with making a reservation, pick-up in Vancouver, and the kayak tour itself. Peter, the owner, is a pleasure to do business with. Our guide, Gord, did a tremendous job of showing us everything we needed to know about boarding and maneuvering the kayak and paddling. The kayak was quite stable and easy to operatemafter just a few minutes on the water. Gord Is quite knowledgeable about the inlet along with its vegetation and marine life and is enthusiastic about sharing it. We had a quite nice barbecue meal on a small island during the tour consisting of wild-caught salmon, potato salad, corn, and Peter's homemade salsa with crackers. The kayak tour was one of the highlights of our Vancouver vacation. - DocPsych

Hi guys! First of all, it was my first time for a kayak guided tour, and I hope it will not be the last time at LLT. The guide was , at my opinion, the summum of what we expect from a guide. Patient, so friendly and overall , you see that's is passion... And its contagious ! The scenery is absolutely gorgeous and the place is just so peaceful. Truly brillant and a real encyclopedia, the guide is a wonderful cook, with is homemade dishes. You see and taste that is food is made with love :p I wish this moment last forever but everything good has an end. I gave a big 12/10 for everything and trust me , youll be astonish by your journey with Lotus Land Tours. - Misterjf

The Road Trip – New Zealand

Thank you to The Road Trip, especially our guides Chris, Pete, Steve & Doug, for making our 13 days tour of the North & South Island over Christmas a memorable and fun one. Guessed our families & friends group of 29 is one of your biggest convoy with the very young to the young at hearts. Although the weather is not very favourable & we have to miss a few interesting spots, we truly enjoyed ourselves, especially the children.

Special thanks to Pete, guide for our van, for teaching the children stone skipping in the lakes, teaching and telling them about animals, sharing his expertise on rocks/stones with us, and introducing us to all things sweet from New Zealand, Mackintosh's Toffee is now our favourite! Also, not forgetting that he showed us a hidden dew drop that reflected rainbow coloured light in Hokitika Gorge, a memorable experience. Pete is also a very careful and safe driver, don't think he would approve of our Malaysians' way of driving. He is great with the children making him a favourite with them. Thanks Pete, cheers! - WeiKin Liew

Chris Cameron was professional and knowledgable. We had a great time in the South Island. Great sense of humour and was able to connect with adults, teens and pre-teens. Also very handy with the BBQ. - Gerard S Rajendra

Me with my family(Mom, Dad & Sis) recently finished our 8 days private tour with The Road Trip to South Island. I must say our guide Chris Cameron is a delightful, dynamic ,well informed KIWI living in Christchurch. He has a great sense of humor and gave us many tips and suggestions which made our holidays even nicer. He was efficient in filling our days with all the gems that South Island had to offer. A pleasure to spend those days with him. The organizing of this tour was all done via emails. He was prompt in all correspondence.Everything including itinerary and pick up time were settled over email. He customized the day to fit our interests .Even the hotels he organised was amazing. We totally enjoyed it in all aspects flexibility, convenience and affordability compared to traditional land tours, totally worth it too.The whole experience was just great.I would highly recommend any tourist to spend time in NZ specially in South Island with The Road Trip and with Chris. Thanks Chris for such a wonderful trip. - Alpana Sawant

Thank You Chris and Alex for a fantastic road trip!!! We had a great time and saw a lot of sights on our 4 day South Island trip before we went hunting with Wilderness Quest New Zealand. A perfect 38 year anniversary trip! - Jolene Foster-Sipe